Wednesday, February 29, 2012

America's top dog breeds this year

The American Kennel Club an organization that offers information on dog breeds, competition events and trainings announced this year the America’s top dog list. The Labrador Retriever is still America’s top dog, proven itself once again as a family favourite for over twenty years. The German Shepherd held on to its second position, while the Golden Retriever which was number five last year eased its way to be on the number four spot this year.

American Kennel Club spokesperson Lisa Peterson said on Tuesday that this year clearly belongs to the Beagle, adding that she wouldn't be surprised if the breed snatched the top spot next year. The Rottweiler on the other hand has made a comeback pushing out from the rankings the small, playful, and sweet-natured Shi-tzu where it had been placed firmly for more than a decade.

America's Top Ten Dogs (2012)

1. Labrador Retriever

2. German Shepherd

3. Beagle

4. Golden Retriever

5. Yorkshire Terrier

6. The Boxer

7. Bulldog

8. Poodle

9. Daschhund

10. Rottweiler

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