Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chinese Basketball Star Yao Ming Supports Animal Rights Movement

Former NBA center and China's basketball superstar Yao Ming, visited a bear sanctuary in Sichuan province on Saturday. He shook its paw, clipped its nails while it was under anaesthesia, and toured the facility with his wife.
His move fuelled animal rights activists to continue its call to stop animal cruelty. He also spoke out against weekly slaughter of sharks (a practice taking some of the species close to extinction just to make a soup) and bear bile tonic (a practice of extracting bile from the gall bladders of living bears), animal welfare group reported Tuesday. 

"I've never forgotten that and that's always been our motive, our incentive and finally it's coming home to roost, finally it's working," Jill Robinson said, the name behind the Hongkong-based Animal Asia foundation estabished in 1998.  "It's almost at the point now where we can step back, as people within the (Chinese) community, within the public, and within the media really take the reins", she added.

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lakwatsero said...

This is why Yao Ming is loved by many. Always the gentle giant. Di pumasok sa ulo nya pagka-star player nuon. And now that he is out of the NBA , I am glad he is supporting a worthy cause.

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