Friday, February 10, 2012

Giant Whale Shark Washes Ashore

It is said to be that whale shark is the largest living fish today. The largest confirmed one had a length of 41 feet long and a weight of 21.5 tonnes. It can live for around 70 years in tropical waters across the world. Do you think fishermen would dare capture one? I guess not. Aside from it being massive, it is also an endangered species. As humans, protecting the gifts of nature should be our number one priority.
On Wednesday, pictures of the giant whale shark emerged as it was brought in Karachi port in Pakistan. The shark was found unconsciously floating in the sea, 90 miles away from the shore.

It became an instant celebrity as hundreds of people were drawn to see a glimpse of this gigantic beast for the first time. It was sold for 1.7 million Pakistani rupees ($22,474).

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