Monday, February 20, 2012

Mi-Ki (a new breed in the canine world)

MI-KI is a thick noodle or a city in Japan. It can either have other meanings too but in the dog world Mi-Ki (pronounced Mee-Key) is a new breed of canine that is trying to make a name for itself.
They are intelligent, sweet natured, and affectionate. They seldom bark and make a sound that is almost like a joyful twittering. They also have this cat-like characteristics of liking to climb high places, wash its face, and sit on the sun.

With its small size - a height not exceeding 11 inches and a weight of around 4-10 pounds, the mi-ki is literally a pocket pet you can put in your bag. A breed of dog that can truly touch your heart with its cuteness and sweet loving nature.

Get to know more of this breed by watching the video below.

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