Friday, March 2, 2012

A blow to cat cafe owners

Having a cup of coffee while toying feline creatures in a cat cafe have long been popular in Tokyo, Japan. People who visit these cat cafes are feline fans who can't keep cats or other animals at home because of strict housing regulations, forbidding them to have pets in their apartments.
Aside from being cat lovers, these people believe that cats can relieve stress by having to play with them or simply watch their graceful movements as they walk and play with anything on top or under the table.
Unfortunately, Japan's revised Animal Protection Law which will be implemented effective June 1st says cafes should adhere in the 8am-8pm operation. After 8pm, cats should be put away from customers. One customer was quoted saying, "If I can't see the cats, well, I won't come. This is a problem for cafe owners because many of their customers only arrive around eight, after work, and stay through to the close. 

Although business establishments and cafe owners are not into it, I also see the government's way of protecting pets and other animals from other pet shop owners which often sell cats and dogs around the clock while keeping them in small cages with never switched off bright lights under them. Government should really keep an eye on them.

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