Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Asian Unicorn faces extinction

The Saola was discovered in 1992 by a joint team from Vietnam’s Ministry of Forestry and WWF surveying the forests near Vietnam's border with Laos.The team found a skull with long, straight horns in a hunter's home that they identified as a new species.
Two decades after the discovery of the Saola – one of the most spectacular species discoveries of the 20th century – the rare large mammal remains as mysterious as ever. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) warns that the species, found in the mountains of Vietnam, faces extinction unless protection efforts are intensified.
These small deer or antelopes with two horns, locally called Asian "unicorn" should really be protected and taken care of. Otherwise, future generations will once again be told the same story like kiwis and other extinct animals who were only known from books and pictures and were never really seen by many.

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