Thursday, June 21, 2012

Leopard got stuck in a reservoir in India

An adult male leopard that had fallen into a reservoir in eastern India was rescued by forest rangers on Wednesday with the help of a humble net. The incident took place at the Hansqua Tea Estate near Siliguri in the eastern state of West Bengal. Workers learnt about the feline trapped in the tea garden premises as they reported for work, and the estate manager immediately alerted the nearby Forest Ranger and Game Warden. Workers gathered around the reservoir and watched as the big cat, submerged neck-deep in water, tried to climb out of the reservoir tank. 
A loud cheer broke out when the leopard successfully grabbed onto the net and leaped out of the reservoir to safety. Incidents of wild animals straying into human settlements in India are on the rise due to the depleting forest and shortage of prey in the wild.


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