Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spiders attacked people in India

In the remote Indian town of Sadiya, two residents were killed by swarm of aggressive spiders according to report by the Times of India. "My fingers were black and swollen after being bitten by the spiders," Jintu Gogoi, a town's resident told The Times.

A number of national news organization said that the alleged attack occurred during a local festival, speculating that perhaps, new species of arachnopobes were behind the attack. CNN however, reported that spider experts are doubting  this claim. LR Saikia of Edinburgh University said that one of the victims cause of death may have actually be blamed from snakebite - while the other, a teenage boy, might not have been bitten at all. "The evidence that we gathered does not support the claim that they died after being bitten by spiders," he added.

"The festive mood soon turned into one of panic with people bumping into each other and tripping over empty benches in their frantic bid to egress," the article reads. Saikia further added that people rushed to the hospitals complaining about the alleged spider attack but only two of the many complaints have been confirmed.

There were about 20 captured spiders given to Saikia and his team. Although local tarantulas aren't venomous as we believe, researchers are still performing a test on them. Having said that, Saikia is still doubtful of the claim. "This is just a story," he said, "based on rumors."

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