Monday, January 30, 2012

Popular Cat Names in Edmonton

Aside from dogs, cats are creatures others consider as man's best friends. We name them just as we name our dogs. According to a Journal analysis of Edmonton’s licensed cat database, Tigger is the cat lovers first choice in naming their feline creatures.

Tigger is a popular Disney character of today inspired by English author A.A. in the late 1920's. He is a friend of the honey-loving bear we call Winnie the Pooh. Tigger's personal anthem (“The wonderful thing about Tiggers is I’m the only one,”) somewhat not true especially in Edmonton though. Why is that? Well, there are 34,000 licensed felines and another 56 licensed dogs carrying the name of Winnie's side kick friend.

Topping the list next to Tigger is Shadow with 209 licensed cats, followed by Max with 201, Smokey with 187, and Kitty with 175.

U.S. firm Veterinary Pet Insurance in their 2011 database shows that Tigger
was the 10th most popular name for cats. Not number one but still on the top 10, right? Bella topped the chart that got me to think that Twilight star can greatly affect cat lovers in choosing a name for their feline friends.

Just a thought though. Are we humanizing pets and identifying them as part of our family? I guess so. 



Jerome Ibuyan said...

"Tigger" really fit as a cat's name. If in edmonton they use "Bella", in our home, our dog's name is "Jacob". Lol!
thank's John for interesting post.=)

John and Joyie said...

Jacob? U sure you are not kidding hehe..Please visit back!

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