Monday, January 30, 2012

Soap Actor Committed Suicide after Putting Down His Dog

American Soap Star Nick Santino was hunted by his guilt and committed suicide after putting down his pitbull best friend, Rocco. Pitbulls are know to be unpredictable at times and may hurt anyone standing on its way, but Nick gave Rocco a chance to live with him at his Upper West Side New York City apartment. The 47-year-old actor took pills and overdosed himself hours later after his dog was euthanized. 

Before he took his own life, he wrote a suicide note saying "Today, I betrayed my best friend and put down my best friend. Rocco trusted me and I failed him." Reports say that his dog was getting more and more aggressive and people started complaining that the dog was barking too much. In 2010, his apartment building announced a strict policy of banning pitbulls in getting inside the building. 

Santino's ashes will be buried with his pet ashes. He starred in All My Children and Guiding Light. He also had minor roles in USA's Royal Pains and the CW's Gossip Girl.


raya said...

wow, i can't believe people actually do this! i am a pet lover myself but I have an understanding that my life is way more important than that of my pet's. Just saying.. this is such a cheap way to die. Sigh.

John and Joyie said...

True ate. I have dogs of my own now pero i can't really believe he took his own life just because of that. He should have give his dog to someone he knew whom he can trust.

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