Friday, March 23, 2012

I was blind but now I see - FIONA

Rescuers got a call from their friend Mary Chatman about a dog in South L.A. She was in a pretty bad shape and really needs assistance. When the rescuers arrived, they weren't able to see her in the area. But upon closer inspection of the place, they found a Maltese who was indeed in a bad shape, had the worst flea infestation, and blind in both eyes lying on a pile of dirt.

They let her smell them but urinated out of fear and just sat in it, frozen. They took the dog home, shaved her, and bathed her. The vet confirmed that she's blind both eyes. Yes, she can see, but only with the right eye as her left eye was severely damaged. 

The first video was about her rescue and the one below was after the operation which turned out successful. Heart-warming story. You may want to get a tissue!

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