Monday, July 16, 2012

Crocodile's escape

A few days ago the monster crocodile at 6.17-metre (20.24-foot) nicknamed "Lolong" was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest reptile in captivity. Lolong is suspected of devouring two people in the Philippines, a girl and the fisherman - and scared the people of Agusan, a town in Mindanao, Philippines that only stopped when he was captured.

Still, in a city situated in Mindanao, an eight foot crocodile raised in captivity escaped the mini-zoo on Saturday after heavy flooding. The rain started strong on Friday night that continued until the next morning. Kidapawan City Head of Tourism, Marife Pame, said they only noticed that the crocodile escaped after the regular check up of the zoo on Saturday noon.

Zoo caretaker, Armand Carcallas, said the crocodile fled to the Saguing River after it destroyed the cyclone wire. City officials warned everyone to refrain from swimming in the river claiming that the crocodile, although raised in captivity, is still a predator - no mercy especially when hungry.

Mayor Rodolfo Gantuanco promised cash rewards to those who could capture and bring the beast back to the zoo.

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