Friday, July 13, 2012

Dogs got married in New York City

This is perhaps one of the strangest news out there yet can be categorized as "cute." I thought of having my shi-tzu dog Jasmine and my poodle dog named Jasper to have their exchange of vows. After all they will soon have their own children as Jasmine is I think pregnant once again.

But perhaps having an extravagant marriage, let alone a simple one, won't really transpire. With their expensive food that really cuts like a knife every month? I wouldn't dare spend more money in their marriage.

Anyway, going back to the two dogs wedding at NYC - report said it was extravagant! Well, it was for the benefit of the Humane Society of New York if you were to ask. They also won a Guinness Record in the category of most expensive wedding of a pet at $158, 187.26

How's that sound? You wanna know more? 

Click HERE to read more of the story.

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