Wednesday, July 11, 2012

When piranhas attack

I can still vividly recall the movie "Piranha 3D" where these flesh eating fish devoured on humans - leaving them not only lifeless but boneless to some extent. Call me ignorant but I really thought that these fish don't bite nor attack humans. But I guess I'm wrong since a Chinese guy was just attacked on Saturday in the Liujiang river according the Hongkong Cable News television.

The man was washing his dog in the river when he was attacked, leaving deep lacerations in his hand. He was identified as Zhang Kaibo, who took home the piranha and kept it alive. His friend was also bitten when he tried to handle the sharp-toothed fish.

"I thought it was a pomfret fish but when I saw the teeth, I realised it was a piranha," he told Cable News.

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