Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Deadly Burmese python with record 87 eggs

A Burmese python found in the Florida Everglades sets a double record. Apart from the recorded 87 eggs that it is carrying, its 5.3 meters length (17 feet, 7 inches) makes it the largest snake of its kind found in the states. 

The snake was discovered in the Everglades National Park and although the state of Florida is known as the world capital for invasive reptiles and amphibians, this Burmese python, a Southeast Asian native, is the state's new resident.

"They arrived 25 years ago in low numbers and because of their cryptic behavior, it was difficult to find one," Now, you can go out to the Everglades nearly any day of the week and find a Burmese python. We've found 14 in a single day." Kenneth Krysko, of the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida said in a statement.

Previous state records for Burmese pythons found in the wild were 16.8 feet (5.1 meters) long and 85 eggs, the researchers said.

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