Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sharks circled two men in Australian ocean

A dramatic rescue unfolded on Friday in the Australian ocean as two men were taken into safety as sharks circled after being spotted by a television helicopter together with five boats and five aircraft.

Three of them sailed on a fishing boat but failed to return on Thursday. Officials conducted a search and rescue operation that covers 320 square kilometres (125 square miles) of ocean.

One of the two who were rescued died when taken ashore due to unspecified injuries while the third man remains missing. "When we first spotted him, one of the scariest things was there was a massive hammerhead shark not 20 metres (yards) away from him, just slowly circling around him," the one who survived told ABC radio. "He's stark naked ... just struggling to swim and float on his back and try and keep his head out of the water," he added.

Although the man survived the ordeal, one was unlucky and the other is still missing. This is a heck of an experience for the man. I wish him to recover the soonest time possible and start to move on with his life with ease.

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