Monday, August 27, 2012

Man shot his son who he thought was a monkey

I posted an odd article about a man in Nepal who just went to "an eye for an eye" attack last week which you can read HERE. He was bitten by a cobra and opted to bit it back as his form of retaliation. He was treated at a local hospital and didn't die if you were to ask.

Another story that I find odd is a man, again in Nepal, who mistakenly thought of his son as a monkey stealing his crops. He opened fire, unaware that his son had gone to the maize field, shot him dead and was under the impression that the boy was one of the animals.

There are three native monkeys in Nepal namely rhesus, Assamese macaque and the common langur. What I find odd is the fact that monkeys are sacred in the country and they normally just scare them away from their crops with no form of injuring them or whatnot. But this guy used his weapon and mistakenly killed his son? Not sure about this but it makes my eyebrows raise.

The farmer later told the police that he realized his mistake when his son fell down and got stuck in one of the branches. One thing is for sure though. What transpired will haunt him for the rest of his life.

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