Friday, September 7, 2012

Very Important Pandas (VIP) arrival in Singapore

Two pandas from China recieved a VIP welcome from Singapore as they arrived Thursday to mark the 20 years of close diplomatice relations of both countries. They will be in Singapore for 10 years debuting in December at Singapore Zoo after their quarantine period. The two giant pandas are five year-old male Kai Kai and four year-old female Jai Jai.

With the hopes of having a baby, Singapore government alotted millions of dollars for their climate-controled enclosures to ensure that the bears will have the feeling they never left their home country. "The Lion City" as we know it is a tropical country.

And how did they recieve a VIP welcome? Apart from their million dollar enclosures - let's just say that they stopped at an exclusive terminal usually reserved for celebrities and foreign dignitaries. How's that for a start? I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing more.

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