Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Indian traveller caught smuggling a monkey

Try to Google animals being smuggled at the airport such as turtles, birds and monkeys and you will be surprised at how many articles were already posted on news websites, blogs and the like. There were some who probably managed to escape the many eyes of the people and the cameras installed in every corner of the building. But then again, not everyone is lucky.

A traveller from India was apprehended by custom authorities with a monkey in his underwear in his effort to board a flight going to Dubai. He and the other two travellers arrived from Bangkok and were detained by the authorities.

Airport authorities found a monkey, native only to India and southeast Asia in "one of the passengers underwear" during the security check. Another monkey was discovered in a trash bin at the Indira Gandhi International airport and was reported that they intentionally abandoned him since they cannot carry him any more.

The exact origin of the monkeys are now being determined by the officials.

There's no sign of slowing down of reports about smuggled animals and the people involved in such illegal act. Therefore, I don't see the decline of people engaging in such activity any time soon. But good to know he and the other two were caught red-handed.

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