Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dog dies while trying to save his master

A dog's loyalty to his master is unmatchable and perhaps incomparable. He has the ability and the power to crush his master's bones with one single bite but he surely won't, and he forgive easily without expecting anything in return even if his owner is sometimes a pain in the ass. In fact, he can even give out his life in order to protect and save his owner from harm or danger.

Here's another story of a dog in Kazakhstan who lost his life saving his master from an oncoming train. The suicidal owner passed out on the tracks after drinking alcohol. He then later told reporters that his dog dragged him to safety but wasn't able to avoid being hit.

When the train drivers saw the dog, they used the emergency brake. Unfortunately, the dog was killed right away while his owner suffered two broken ribs and an injury to his shoulder

This is truly heartbreaking.

While others are busy beating their dogs in some parts of the world, some dogs are busy saving their masters. May this incident be an eye-opener that dogs sometimes aren't just animal. They feel pain, anger and sadness just like humans do - and they can be friends, family members and life savers some people never thought possible. Now, who said they aren't man's best friend?

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