Saturday, September 22, 2012

Giant sperm whale died of the coast of Zamboanga

A colossal creature off the coast of Zamboanga has been found dead. The great sperm whale measuring 16 meters (52 foot) in length was spotted by the coast guard. They later used a crane to lift its massive carcass out of the water.

City Veterinarian Dr. Mario Arriola confirmed that the whale was pregnant but could not be determined the period of its pregnancy. 

BFAR Marine Mamals Stranding Response Team Ramil  Dela Cruz was quoted saying the whale could have been floating off the sea for two days before the coast guard lift it out of the water. He also added the sperm whale died of natural causes albeit the scratches and some holes on its body.

The whale's cause of death was still unknown yet but the monsoon wave must have swept it ashore, Dr. Arriola said.

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