Saturday, September 29, 2012

Smoking orangutan welcomes her baby

There was a news about an oranguatan who was puffing cigarettes one after the other. And this week, this famous primate gave birth at an Indonesian zoo. The newborn is certainly beneficial to one of the world's endangered species.

Tori, a 15 year-old orangutan, gave birth without human intervention in Java. For 10 years, she was accepting cigarettes tossed by tourists visiting her enclosure. She was then moved in a 200 metre island at the zoo in July to force her to quit her smoking addiction.

Although the mother primate smoked during her pregnancy, it was reported that the newborn orangutan is doing well and certainly is a healthy one.

Orangutans are being faced by eradication due to poaching and the destruction of their habitat from people searching for palm oil and paper plantations in the forests of Indonesia and Malaysia.

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