Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Siiaan is a very famous dog. He has been to the shelter many times for treatment over the past 4 years, but now he looks like staying as a resident. One of our dog catchers (Khun Nok) tells us the story of Siiaan......

When Siian was about 1 year old, he was lying by the road when a minibus coming out of a hotel & ran over his face. The manager of the hotel took him to the
 vets, but the damage to his face was severe & they could not do anything to fix it. The manager was a nice man & said Siiaan could live in the hotel for the rest of his life but Siiaan thought different. 

He used to go to the beach during the day and only returned to the hotel for the night. He was afterall a street dog & enjoyed his freedom. Siiaan was a regular at the soidog shelter for many years for skin treatment & infections. 

The last time he came his skin was really bad and never really got back to normal so Soi dog decided to keep him and see if he is happy here. Luckily it looks like Siiaan is enjoying shelter life. He gets regular meals, veterinary care & cuddles from volunteers. He is a lovely, friendly dog & is settling in well and ok with other dogs so he'll spend the rest of his time with us! He adores the ladies & tummy rubs too! 


You can sponsor Siiaan or one of the other 450+ dogs at Soi Dog's shelter by clicking here.
 — with Cindy Amey.

Note: This article was originally posted on Soi Dog Foundation Facebook Page.

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