Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Man, half-eaten by crocodiles found in a Philippine farm

Crocodiles are savage animals that will snatch and devour anything they see in their territory (excluding hippos and larger animals like elephants). Anything that moves are edible, showing no signs of mercy when they attack.

Authorities were stunned as to how the man managed to get inside the privately-owned farm. In fact, even the farm's security guards were clueless on how he got into the pond.

The last time people saw 57 year-old Sorbelo Sajona, was at the cemetery the previous day, visiting his relatives' graves just like what people do during the All Saint's Day. 

The farm, specifically located in the rural town of Santo Tomas in Mindanao, plans to issue a statement about the discovery of the body but they refused to elaborate on the issue.

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