Monday, January 14, 2013

The dog who wouldn't die

News or status updates posted on facebook can be sensationalized which in turn create fear and other negative things. However, it can also be a place where one can ask for help. Whatever you post can be shared by your friends and in turn, can be shared by your friends' friends. This is how facebook works, networking with one push of the "enter" button.

Buck (Tami Augustyn)
That's exactly what happen to Buck, "the dog who wouldn't die." He was seen left for dead stuffed in a garbage bag with shots in the head and face with a pellet gun. Thanks to Ms. Tami Augustyn who rushed him to the hospital to be treated.

She posted on facebook her discovery and launched a campaign to raise money for his surgery. It attracted more than 40,000 likes since its launched on the 5th of January. She said the money raised for Buck was more than what he needed for the operation.

Here's what she wrote on the page for Buck, "To everyone wanting to donate for Buck, please be advised I have raised more than enough money for even the worst case scenario. The generosity of everyone and the outpouring of love and support has given me the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream."

Buck was released from the clinic and is sleeping comfortably now. He is safe and happy, and more than happy to be adopted by the same person who saved his life.

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